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If you have decided to explore the solutions available to replace missing teeth, Tempe Smile Design provides dental implant restorations in the Tempe area. Dr. Tracy and Dr. Huber are committed to delivering only the best results when it comes to placement and restoration procedures and works in conjunction with our trusted surgeons. Restoring your mouth to full function and aesthetic appeal is our commitment. To schedule a dental implant consultation, contact our Tempe office today. 

Dental implants in Tempe, AZOur Implant Restoration Options

At Tempe Smile Design, we provide an array of dental implant restoration services to replace missing teeth in your mouth and to support superior stability and renewed jaw function. These options are made to meet the unique needs of our patients and include:   

Single Tooth Replacement – We provide high-quality, natural-looking crowns to restore individual implants. Unlike traditional bridges which utilize adjacent teeth to support the missing tooth, implant-supported crowns wholly and independently replace the missing tooth, without affecting healthy neighboring teeth. 

Multiple Tooth Replacement – We provide two options for patients with multiple missing teeth or a full arch of missing teeth: implant-supported bridges and implant-supported dentures. 

Traditional dentures sit on top of the gum tissue and destroy bone, resulting in bone recession and an aged appearance. Implant retained dentures result in a stable denture that helps maintain healthy bone.

Every treatment plan is customized for each patient. Our dentists work together with our surgeons to provide effective dental implant placement. Dr. Tracy and Dr. Huber always use custom abutments to restore their implant restoration. These abutments are made for each patient's individual mouth versus stock or pre-made abutments, which do not accurately occupy the space available for the missing tooth. This adds to the natural aesthetic look of our implant crowns and makes it easier to clean. When a front tooth is lost, if the conditions are right, the surgeon may be able to place an immediate temporary abutment and crown at the time of implant placement. This helps keep the proper shape of the tissue while the implant heals, resulting in a more natural-looking restoration.  

Dental Implant Treatment in Tempe 

Our Tempe implant providers can assess your eligibility to receive dental implants. The surgeons have the expertise needed to determine the best placement of the implant for successful treatment. This is achieved through the use of 3-D imaging, which is the standard of care for proper implant placement. These surgeons are more than just specialists, they are trusted partners in providing a permanent replacement for our patients' missing teeth.

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Dr. Stacy Tracy, Dr. Roxane Huber, and their trusted surgeons are meticulous and work diligently to deliver only the best in dental implant restorations.  Call Tempe Smile Design Call Tempe Smile Design to schedule a consultation for dental implant services. 


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