Emergency Dental Care in Tempe and Chandler, AZ


Emergency dental care is a service we hope that you'll never need - but if you do, it can be a lifesaver.

There are many reasons to seek emergency dental care.  Sometimes, the pain of existing problems such as abscesses, swollen gums or infected mouth cuts can be too much to bear.  Immediate relief from prescription-strength analgesics can become a necessity until the patient can be treated during office hours.

Any kind of tooth damage -- broken dentures, lost crowns or fillings, or a broken tooth -- should be taken care of immediately, but doesn't always happen at the most convenient time.

If you are in need of emergency dental care, please do not hesitate to contact us.  Walk-in are welcome.  We'll have you smiling again in no time!



I really like this office. The front staff is friendly, I always have the same hygenist, and most important, they are timely. I generally don't wait more than a couple of minutes, and often times, if I get there early, they start early" - Vikki J. 



Dental emergencies are not something you can prepare for. They can happen at any time, whether it be a 2 a.m. toothache or chipped tooth at dinner. At Tempe Smile Design, we understand that with dental emergencies, neither waiting for regular office hours nor seeing if the pain goes away are great options. Mouth pain can be unbearable, creating difficulty to concentrate, speak, and sleep. Therefore, as an emergency dentist in Tempe, we provide dental relief when you need it most.

Is It a Dental Emergency?

Not all dental issues require dental emergency care. If you have a dull toothache, food stuck between your teeth, broken or damaged dentures, or a broken retainer, there is no need to panic. While you should call and make an appointment as soon as possible, immediate care may not be necessary.

If you are unsure whether or not your situation requires dental emergency treatment, ask yourself these questions. If you answer yes to any, contact us immediately.

  • Is your mouth or area around your jaw swollen?

  • Is your mouth bleeding?

  • Are there bulges, knots or swelling on your gums?

  • Were you hit in the face or jaw?

Unexpected Oral Pain

Are your gums bleeding or swollen? Do you have a throbbing toothache? Did a cut in your mouth suddenly become infected?  These are all situations that may require immediate dental care. Even if they bring no pain, it is important to address them immediately as putting it off can only result in long-term complications.

Several other issues require immediate care to minimize pain and better deal with the situation. These include:

Chipped or Cracked Teeth

Chipped teeth typically do not cause any pain unless the nerves inside the tooth are exposed. However, if the chip results in a cracked tooth as well, issues may arise if not taken care of quickly. At Tempe Smile Design, a dentist can prevent further problems by placing a cap, crown, or dental onlay over the missing area of the tooth to restore its shape. With regards to the crack, depending on its severity, a root canal may be necessary.

Knocked-Out or Loose Teeth

There are many reasons as to why a tooth can get knocked out or become loose in its socket. Falling or getting hit in the face while playing sports or biting on a piece of food that is too hard are among the most common reasons.

If the tooth is knocked out of your mouth, handle it as little as possible when you retrieve it, holding it only by the top or crown of the tooth. Carefully rinse any dirt and debris from the surface, without scrubbing it, and keep it in a container of milk. A cold, wet compress placed on the empty socket can help stop any bleeding until you visit an emergency dentist for immediate assistance. Getting the tooth back into the socket within 30 minutes is best.  After that time, the success of the preimplantation decreases.

24/7 After Hour Dental Emergencies in Tempe, Arizona

At Tempe Smile Design, we provide emergency dental treatment to our patients of record 24-hours a day. If you have visited our office prior to your dental emergency and require immediate care, call us at (480) 829-8200.

Please remember to leave a VOICE message, telephone number, and the reason you are calling.




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