Crowns (Caps)

Dental Crown & Caps In Tempe, Arizona

The integrity of a tooth is important, and ideally, you would like a tooth to perform optimally for as long as it's possible. When you have a damaged tooth, it creates a chain reaction that ends up causing adjacent teeth to suffer the same fate.

If left untreated, you are in danger of losing multiple teeth, all stemming from the first damaged tooth. There is also the aesthetic appeal of your smile that is affected when a tooth is misshaped, discolored, damaged, or chipped. Dental crowns can fix these issues and make sure the integrity of your teeth remains intact.

What Are Dental Crowns?

A crown is an artificial coating that is placed over the damaged tooth, restoring its shape, size, and color. It is a cap that is laid on top of the healthy portion of your tooth and seals it to preserve it. At the same time, the cap becomes a new outer layer and performs all the functions of the original tooth. The cap becomes the replacement tooth at and above the gum line. Specialists at Tempe Smile Design can explain any questions you may have regarding dental crown procedures. Hundreds of patients in Tempe, AZ can attest to the effectiveness of their work.

What Are the Benefits of Dental Crowns?

Benefits include both functionality and the aesthetic of your teeth. A damaged tooth is no longer capable of performing its necessary functions. This damage changes your chewing habits and puts additional strain on other teeth, increasing the risk of damage for those that remain. A cap solves these problems. The aesthetic factor should also be considered. A damaged tooth doesn't look appealing, negatively affecting your confidence and overall image.

Is the Procedure Painful? Getting a dental crown is a routine procedure that our specialists at Tempe Smile Design are well-versed and experienced with. The key is addressing the issue as early as possible, to save as much of the original tooth as possible. The procedure is not painful, local anesthetics are used and the recovery time is minimal. In most cases, you will be able to return to work and normal routine immediately.

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