General & Cosmetic Dental Procedures In Tempe and Chandler, AZ

If you have recently found yourself asking “where to find a friendly and reliable dentist near me,” look no further. At Tempe Smile Design, we handle every individual dental procedure with care and confidence to restore the brightest qualities of your smile from the inside out. From aesthetic adjustments to thorough dental cleanings, we work hard to help you on your journey to better lasting oral health.

Let Tempe Smile Design take care of your next dental procedure in Tempe, providing you with high-quality oral care from a caring and knowledgeable team of professionals.

Cosmetic Dentistry Services In Tempe and Chandler

Every smile is unique and irreplaceable, and we take great pride in helping you unlock the confidence and happiness within yours. From simple touch-ups to full custom restorations, we diligently work to refine and improve your teeth with a comfortable, all-natural feel.

Our office at Tempe Smile Design incorporates the latest state of the art technology in the dental industry to provide each patient with the most comfortable experience possible. Dr. Tracy and Dr. Huber are both dedicated to guiding their patients through every step of the process.

Additional services we offer include:

  • White Fillings: This process involves using a tooth-colored filling to treat noticeable cavities as opposed to the traditional, more noticeable silver filling. White fillings work particularly well for fillings in the direct smile line.

  • Dental Bridges: This process forms a bridge between gaps created by missing teeth, and it can significantly improve the shape of your smile and help with chewing and speaking issues.

  • Invisalign® Clear Aligners: This is a clear, contemporary teeth straightening system and a popular alternative to traditional braces. Each aligner is custom designed for individual patients by our experienced doctors. We are preferred providers of Invisalign® with extensive training and knowledge of this unique process.

Dental Cleanings & Preventative Care in Tempe and Chandler

To prevent dental emergencies, it is important to maintain healthy teeth and gums by scheduling regular appointments with your Tempe dentist. An important aspect of preventative dentistry is working to prioritize your unique dental care needs. One of the best ways to do so is to visit us in the office!

Routine cleanings can help address problems that ordinary brushing can overlook, including plaque build-up and teeth staining. Regular dental checkups can also help reduce the risk for future health complications by tackling varying problems and identifying early symptoms.

Some other issues our cleanings help address include:

  • Bad breath

  • Gum disease and bone loss

  • Cavities

  • Oral cancer

  • Jaw bone issues, including cysts and tumors

  • Bite issues

  • Accelerated tooth wear

For additional preventative care, there is no better source of dental care knowledge than from Dr. Tracy and Dr. Huber. Our doctors can inform and encourage you with the most effective and up-to-date oral health knowledge when you need it.

Periodontal Disease Treatment

This disease is one of the primary reasons for tooth loss and often correlates with other non-oral diseases. In many cases, individuals with periodontal disease leave it untreated while the symptoms first appear minor. This early stage of periodontal disease, called gingivitis, is caused by excessive plaque build-up and the accumulation of bacteria. As teenagers and pregnant women often experience a higher risk for gingivitis due to the hormonal changes experienced during these times, frequent cleanings are especially encouraged.

While everyone experiences occasional plaque on their teeth from our natural bacteria, it is common for some hard-to-reach places to go untouched; often leading to a painful and dangerous build-up of plaque around the gums that can lead to irreversible damage and bone loss.

Consistent oral hygiene at home in addition to regular cleanings from Dr. Tracy and Dr. Huber can help significantly reduce your risk for developing periodontitis. For those already experiencing the symptoms of periodontitis, help can be found in the support from professional dental cleanings.



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